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3600 Digital Marketing Professional




Would you like to attain higher SERP on best Search Engines for your site against relevant key-phrases? Stop paying thousands of dollars to professional Digital Marketing firms instead become an expert “360⁰ Digital Marketing Professional”; polish your skills & knowledge to optimize your website in a way that can beat competitors.

This dynamic certification will provide you with knowledge underpinning the principles of 360⁰ Digital Marketing and skills to undertake all new strategies for your 360⁰ Digital Marketing campaigns. This certification covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), types of online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and social media optimization. It also looks at digital metrics, legislation, regulation and codes of practice.

360⁰ Digital Marketing Professional Certification at Skills Development Council Islamabad will not only give you the insight & knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a successful Digital Marketing campaign or building strategies but also helps you in obtaining better Search Engine Results Placement, Conversion Optimization on the world’s most popular search engines.

Course Contents:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

§  World Wide Web Background

§  Search Engines Background

§  Important abbreviations used in SEO

§  Important codes used in SEO

§  Search Engines & Search Engine Crawlers

a.       Search Engines

b.      Background working of Search Engines

c.       Crawling & Indexing

d.      Activities performed by Search Engines

§  Introduction to SEO

a.       What is SEO?

b.      Why SEO is important?

c.       Why optimize your web site?

d.      Search Engine Optimization Vs Search Engine Friendly Website

e.       On-Page Vs Off-Page

f.        SEO Goals

§  Black-hat, grey-hat & white-hat SEO techniques with respect to their impacts

a.       White Hat - Following search engines' guidelines

b.      Grey Hat - Bypassing search engine’s guidelines

c.       Black Hat - Ignoring search engine’s guidelines, Instead stuffing factors, doing unethical optimization, spamming etc

§  Advantages /Disadvantages Black-hat, grey-hat & white-hat SEO techniques

§  White hat SEO techniques

a.       Advantages

b.      Dis-Advantages


§  Grey hat SEO techniques

a.       Advantages

b.      Dis-Advantages

§  Black Hat SEO Techniques

a.       Advantages

b.      Dis-Advantages

§  Keywords Analysis

a.       KEI (Keywords Effectiveness Index)

b.      On-Page Keywords Content Analysis

c.       On-Site Keywords SERP Analysis

§  Geo targeting

a.       Directing SEO efforts to specific geographical location

b.      Targeting specific market

c.       Very focused promotional approach

d.      Very fruitful for local businesses

e.       Real results can be achieved by minimum marketing budgets

f.        Improved conversion rate

g.       It enables you to dominate your local niche

§  Website Domain

§  On-Page Optimization Vs Off-Page Optimization

a.       Difference between on-page and off-page

b.      On-Page – Search Engine Friendliness

c.       Off-Page – Improving credibility

§  Known Google Ranking Factors

§  On Page Optimization

1.Domain Canonical Issues

2.Website planning & Structure

3.URL structure

4.HTML/CSS Validation according to W3C standards

5.Landing Page Optimization

6.Title & Heading Tags

7.Meta Content of a webpage (Title, Description & Keywords)

8.Heading Tags

9.Content Copywriting & Optimization

10.  Search Engine Optimized Copywriting

11.  Amount of content (text Vs html)

12.  Content Canonical Issues

13.  Image Optimization

14.  Usability Testing & Website Testing

15.  Number of links per page (Internal/External)

16.  Anchor text optimization

17.  HTML Sitemap Vs XML Sitemap

18.  Robots.txt

19.  Customized/Optimized 404 error page

20.  PageRank flow strategy & Implementation

21.  Do Follow/ No Follow

22.  Server reliability/Uptime

23.  Website update frequency & its impact on search engine rankings

24.  Total number of indexed pages

25.  Visitors demographics

26.  Bounce rate

27.  Cloaking

28.  Hidden Text

29.  Framing

§  SEO copy writing 

§  On-Page Competitors Intelligence & Analysis

§  Off Page Optimization

1.      Server geographical location & its impact

2.      Fast indexing of website

3.      Social Bookmarking

4.      Number of inbound links and their impact

5.      Links with in networks of sites

6.      Link building (Optimal Back-linking)

7.      Press Releases, Articles, Blogs, Intelligent Posting/Commenting

8.      Region Specific Targeting & Global Targeting

9.      Social Media (Professional Networks & their impact) etc

10.  Social Media Marketing

11.  Social Media Optimization

12.  Link baiting

§  Off-Page Competitors Intelligence & Analysis


§  Traffic Generation through SEO

§  PageRank Development

§  Do Follow/ No Follow’s impact on PageRank

§  Difference between conventional and real time SEO

§  SEO Strategic Planning & Implementation

§  Monitoring & Analysis of SEO campaign

ü  Google Analytics

ü  Google Webmaster Central

ü  Google Ad-words Keywords Tool

ü  Google Insight Search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

§  PPC Campaigns (AdSense/ad words)


ü  Search Engine Advertising

ü  Media Buying

ü  PPC

ü  AdSense Vs. Ad words

ü  CTR

ü  CPC

ü  CPM

Conversion Optimization

§  What is conversion?

§  What is conversion optimization?

§  Conversion goals

§  Importance of conversion

Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM, SMO)

§  What is social media

§  Why social media is important in today’s age

§  How we can get benefit from social media

§  Social Media in relation to SEO

§  Social Media strategic planning and implementation

§  Measuring success

§  Make Your Website “Brand Central”

§  Make Sharable Content & Encourage Sharing

§  Live Streaming

Online Reputation Management

§  What is online reputation management

§  Online reputation management precautionary measures

§  Online reputation management goals & objectives

360 Digital Marketing as an Independent Business

§  Key elements

§  Be your own BOSS

§  Work when you want to work

§  Setting up your own business with a very little or “ZERO” investment

§  Convincing potential customers/clients

§  Important channels to get business

§  Technical Reporting

Learning objectives:

The trend is changing rapidly; things that were in are out today! Gone are the old days when businesses were done only through physical presence. Companies are now targeting global markets/audience thus shifting to E-Commerce. People have started using online payment systems for online shopping.

360⁰ Digital Marketing has become imperative in today's business world. Companies are looking for business development professionals who can help them in achieving their online sales targets. Without Digital Marketing strategies, proper SEO techniques, conversion optimization methods, good content and handsome targeted traffic no business can succeed online.

§  Want to become a part of this elite 360⁰ Digital Marketing Professional’s community?

§  You know 360⁰ Digital Marketing is an emerging field and is a well paid profession?

Equip yourself with the most sought after and market oriented skills known as ‘360⁰ Digital Marketing’. You can make very good money once you become Digital Marketing Expert. Companies are looking aggressively for Digital Marketing Professionals whereas there are few in the market. You can be the next Digital Marketing Expert!

Potential participants / organizations:

  • Web site owner or small business owner want to market their own web site using digital media to get more business.
  • Search engine optimizers (SEO) or search engine marketers (SEM) want to improve industry skills.
  • People interested in working at home (especially women) looking for interesting freelance work opportunities.
  • Marketing executives promoting company or client’s web site in search engines.
  • Students or graduates seeking Digital Marketing training courses in preparation for starting their own business or applying for a job as an SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Conversion Optimization, SEO Content Writers or ORM etc
  • Web designers or advertising executives wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.
  • Corporate trainers or managers wanting to train their staff to handle Digital Marketing campaigns.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, we at SDC are waiting to make your world easier. Come and join us for 360 Digital Marketing Professional Certification at SDC Islamabad.


§  Participants will be involved practically and quiz will be given to participants to analyze their learning status.

§  Internships will be offered to top participants at Google Certified Advertising Partner Organizations.


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Duration        =         24 Hours

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