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Three Day Participatory Workshop for Academic Researchers

This specifically designed workshop will lead the participants from understanding the basics of academic writing to producing high quality research theses and reports. The workshop will especially focus on enhancing participants skills in this specialised area with the aim of equipping them to further their academic career. If you face the challenge on how to produce quality writing which could lead to publication - this workshop is an ideal opportunity to address that challenge. The three-day workshop is a blend of various components of quality writing concepts and personal planning for progress in the field of academic writing. Additionally, it will also address various issues related to your research and academic writing skills as well as tackling respective challenges from the perspective of your career development.  

Who Should Attend this Programme? 

This training package is specifically designed at:

  MA, MSc, MPhil and PhD students

  Junior and senior researchers / Research Associates

  Academic members of universities staff

  Staff members of think-tanks and research institutions

  Research and development executives (public & private organisations)

  Chief executives and departmental heads of corporations and NGOs 

What Benefits will I gain from this Workshop? 

In addition to the overall enhancement of research skills, this workshop is specifically beneficial to:


MA, MSc, MPhil & PhD Students, and Junior Researchers

This workshop will:


    enhance their capability for preparation of research proposals;

    promote their ability to construct a strong foundation for their thesis;

    linguistically and technically, will help to produce a qualitative piece of research;

    significantly reduce the chances of their thesis being returned for amendments;

    enhance their ability to extract research papers from their theses;

    enable them to convert their theses into publishable books, monographs or research reports;

    strengthen their research background and make them more confident academicians; and,

    help them in their career development. 


Established Researchers, Academicians and Senior Executives

The workshop will:  

    enhance the managerial expertise of senior researchers and supervisors;

    help in developing strong research proposals for funding;

    strengthen the research proposal and report writing expertise of all researchers;

    enable participants to explore relevant avenues to publish their work;

    help them to avoid common mistakes in their report writings; and,

    strengthen report writing skills of non-academic researchers and executives. 

What are the Major Objectives of this Workshop? 

The main focuses of this workshop are:

  provision of the specific required research skills to participants;

  preparation of a high quality research proposals;

  adequate structuring of a research report, particularly a PhD thesis;

  tackling linguistic and technical aspects of a piece of research;

  citation and techniques of quotation;

  the ways and means to publish research; 

What is the Academic Credential of the Trainer? 

This workshop will be conducted by Dr Muhammad Ahsan (FRSA). Having graduated from four countries (Pakistan, Japan, Holland and UK) and worked in two continents (Asia and Europe), Dr Ahsan is a distinguished research scholar. Presently based in England, he has over two and half decades experience of research and teaching in various capacities. In the fields of education, development studies and globalisation, his research has gained international recognition. In addition to authoring nine books, Dr Ahsan has produced a large number of reports and research papers published in various refereed international journals. He has extensively travelled and delivered a large number of lectures in various international conferences and seminars. His thoughts have significantly influenced in fixing priorities and directions for the Muslim World and re-forming the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference). Dr Ahsan has also delivered several online trainings on academic research and writing.  

What is the Workshop Programme? 

Keeping in view the requirements of our participants and the practical challenges they face, the workshop is primarily based on three components, i.e., pre-writing work, writing work and post writing work. This three day workshop is consists of six sessions. These sessions will be conducted at Skill Development Council, Islamabad. The detail of the programme is as under. 



Framework of the Workshop


Time Frame & Learning Area


Main focus of

the Session

Notes on the Learning

Outcomes of Workshop

DAY ONE : 12th March 2012



Session One

10:00 12:30


Basic challenges and research techniques



  Nature of research

  Common challenges

  Research proposals

  Basic tips

  In-depth understanding of the nature and management of research projects

  Development of the conceptual base of research projects

  Preparation of quality research proposals

  Adequately structuring a thesis



Session Two

1:30 4:00


Referencing and quotation


  Quotation techniques

  Systems of citation

  A comparative overview of various system

  Which system of citation should be used?



  Avoiding common and basic mistakes

  Understanding referencing system

  Developing an impressive bibliography


DAY TWO : 13th March 2012



Session Three

10:00 12:30


Important tips:

Quality of your work



  Important tools in academic writing

  Important terms and symbols

  Defending your thesis

  Some key issues in producing quality documents


  Understanding theoretical base and related key issues

  Developing  skills in using key terms and symbols

  Encountering and managing person specific challenges

  Impressing your examiners

  Based on the vast personal experience of the trainer as a foreign examiner for PhD theses, this session will address various key issues which are not usually discussed in academic books



Session Four

1:30 4:00


Publishing skills and exploring relevant avenues



  Research report

  Monographs, working papers and handbooks

  Research paper's

  Issues and challenges


  How to explore publishing avenues?

  Skill boosting to publish the research outcomes

  How to extract research papers from your thesis?

  How to produce and/or convert your thesis into monographs and research reports


DAY THREE : 14th March 2012



Session Five

10:00 12:30


Publishing your thesis as a book



  Difference between a book and thesis

  Removal of undigested material in a thesis

  Dealing with publishers and submission of manuscript

  Issues and challenges


  This is a very unique session and rarely conducted anywhere in the world

  This is an extremely important area and participants will learn that with little extra effort, how they can easily convert their theses into a book or a publishable report, rather than leaving it as such



Session Six

1:30 4:00


Participatory workshop / roundtable discussion



  Focus group discussion:

Issues and concerns in academic writing

  Q & A session

  What are you taking back with you from this training?



  This Q/A - discussion oriented session is mainly based on issues covered in previous sessions

  Two to three participants will make short presentations on their research projects and there will be discussion on ins and outs of those projects

  Also, discussion on how to further expand and publicise your research at post writing stage

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Duration  =          18 Hours

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