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Auto CAD (2D + 3D)

for Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers


Overview / Introduction

AutoCAD is industry’s leading drafting tool for huge Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Projects. AutoCAD is handy and command based software with special tools for Mechanical drafting and designing, always with accurate measurements and automated formats.

This course is special and specific for Mechanical/Electrical engineering and devoted for great and complex mechanical projects.

At the completion of this course participants will be able to work boldly in field or at desk with dexterity and competency.

Dexterity Level,

We’ll cover AutoCAD from basics to intermediate level through this quick and rich course. With command based inputs participants will have this skill…….. To draw, shape, reshape, design or model a Mechanical project with real unites and accurate measurements and turn it into a real world complex mechanical project. We’ll go through the entire software including tips about mechanical/ electrical drawings especially related to mechanical and electrical projects. This short course is more than sufficient for putting your dream projects from pen to paper.

Learning Objectives / Course Objectives

Through this course sub-engineers and engineers of Electrical and mechanical field will learn how to use computer in there very specific type of job. AutoCAD will be used as a tool which enables engineers / sub-engineers to perform modern techniques for creating objects and manipulating them in 3d co-ordinates. Trainees will learn the basics of AutoCAD software with maximum possibility to intermediate level of expertise. At the end of training, trainee will be able to get job or perform tasks in electrical and mechanical industry with the help of computer generated imagery.

Detailed Outline / Topics

The Basics

1.       Drawing Objects

2.       Object Selection

3.       Modifying Objects

4.       Joining Lines, Poly lines and Arcs

5.       Direct Distance Entry

6.       The essential way of working with AutoCAD

7.       Drawing Aids

8.       All about drawing aids.

9.       Units and Scales

10.   Using Co-ordinates

11.   All about the use of co-ordinates in AutoCAD.

12.   Object Snap

13.   Object Properties

14.   Master plan Exercise

15.   North Point Exercise

16.   Site Layout Exercise 1

Beyond Basics

1.       Advanced Techniques

2.       Advanced Selection

3.       User Co-ordinate Systems

4.       Dimensioning

5.       The UCS Icon

6.       Using Images

7.       Scaling Images

8.       All About Images

9.       ISO Paper Sizes

10.   Paper Space Exercise


1.       AutoCAD to Photoshop

2.       Joining Lines, Poly lines and Arcs

3.       Setting up a PostScript Plotter

4.       Scaling Images

5.       Adding Sunlight to your Drawings

6.       Creating Custom Bitmap Materials

7.       Creating Seamless Tiles

8.       Perspectives, Slides and Scripts

9.       Entering Survey Data using AutoCAD

3D Basics

1.       Getting Ready for 3D

2.       The 3D Primitives

3.       Basic 3D Editing with Grips & Gizmos

4.       The View Cube

5.       Ground Shadows

6.       Sub object Editing with Filters

7.       Extrude & Press/Pull

8.       3D Move & 3D Rotate

9.       3D Scale & 3D Align

10.   3D Mirror

11.   3D Array

Modeling and Rendering

1.       Getting Ready for 3D

2.       Basic 3D and Surface Modeling

3.       3D Tree Exercise

4.       Adding Sunlight to your Drawings

5.       All About Shadows

6.       Creating Custom Bitmap Materials

7.       Creating Seamless Tiles

8.       AutoCAD to Bryce

9.       Perspectives, Slides and Scripts



1.       Site Layout Exercise 1

2.       Site Layout Exercise 2

3.       North Point Exercise

4.       Using Images

5.       Master plan Exercise

6.       3D Tree Exercise

7.       Paper Space Exercise 


Suitable for / who should attend?

·         Mechanical / Electrical Engineers, Sub Engineers,

·         Diploma Holders, Draftsmen, Businessmen,

·         Builders,  Event Management Planners,

  • Overseers, Supervisors, Trainers, 2D & 3D Artists.


Starting From


Last Date of Registration




(Thurs – Fri-Sat)



Per Participant

Duration  =          48 Hours


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