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Business Reporting and Analysis

(Using MS Excel 2010 & 2013)


Course Contents:


Module 1: Collecting and Organizing Data in Excel


Create a Pivot Table, Pivot Table tool Bar, Sort Grouped and Ungrouped Data, Consolidating Data, Using Calculated items and Fields


Module 2: Summarizing Data and Designing Custom Reports


Microsoft Query, Application of MS Query, MS Query Example, Consolidation of Data Advanced, Performing Magic with Pivot Table Practical Example


Module 3: Using MS Access


Tables, Relationship, Summarizing Data using Queries, Types of Queries, Using Criteria, Linking Data to Excel Reporter


Module 4: Data Manipulation Functions


Logical Functions, Lookup Functions Count Functions, Text Functions, Date and Time Functions, Financial Functions


Module 5: Using Controls, Filters and Formula Auditing


Controls, Databases and Lists, Advance Filters, Database Functions, Formula Auditing


Module 6: Introduction to VBA


Introduction to VBA, Macros, Absolute and Relative Reference, Designing Custom Function, Excel Add-Ins, Designing and using Add-Ins

Module 7: Security, Formatting, Charts, Essential Functions


Security, Conditional Formatting, Using Group and Outline, Advance Charting, Gantt Chart etc.


Module 8: User Form and Custom Menu


User Forms, Adding Controls to a User Form, Formatting Controls, Introducing Events, Additional ActiveX Controls, Working with List Boxes and Combo Boxes


This training is suitable for:



  Project Managers

  Senior Executives / Coordinators

  Business Executives

  Operations Managers

  IT Managers


  Fresh Graduates


Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1000 - 1600

(Saturday only)


RS: 10,000/-


* 10% discount for groups only


Duration   = 03 weeks




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