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Computerized Accounting using

Peachtree Software


The rise of computer technology has resulted in a revolutionary impact on how accounting is done. Bulky and manual general ledgers and journal books are a thing of the past. Computerized accounting has made the entire process much simpler and more error-free.

Peachtree is well recognized worldwide as best accounting solution for Business, Government and Non-Government organizations worldwide. Accountant’s around the globe prefers and strongly believes Peachtree as true Double Entry Accounting Solution. The program is strongly beneficial for people seeking career as professional Accountant especially accounting students and practicing Accountants. On completion of successful undertaking of training, the trainee will be able to maintain complete set of Accounts of any organization. The course will prepare trainees with the skills needed to professionally manage a computerized accounting operation. Students will also learn best practices for the implementation and use of Peachtree software.

Potential participants:

·         Finance / Accounts executives

·         People in Bookkeeping / Accounting Jobs

·         Qualified Graduates & Masters seeking Accounting job in Pakistan and Abroad

·         Commerce, Business Administration, IT  and Accounting Students of all levels.

·         Bookkeeping / Accounting /Tax consultants

Course pre-requisites:

Prospected Students / trainees are not required to have any prior product knowledge of Peachtree accounting to attend; however students, should have a basic working knowledge of computing and accounting principles. 


  • The Accounting Cycle
  • AIS - Manual & Automated systems
  • Peachtree – Introduction
  • Setting up a company
  • Periods, accounting basis and posting methods
  • Chart of Accounts Overview
  • Opening, deleting and altering a company
  • Data backup and Restore practices
  • Working with chart of accounts
  • Coding techniques – Professional level
  • General Journal Entry
  • Previewing General Journal, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement & Balance Sheet.
  • Setting Up GL balances
  • Opening, Closing and adjusting entries
  • Depreciation accounting
  • Payroll transactions
  • Monitoring and tracking user access information
  • Yearend activity and purging
  • Recurring transactions
  • Reverse transactions
  • Memorized transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation statement
  • Editing Income statement & Balance Sheet formats
  • Subsidiary ledger (Manual practice overview)
  • Setting up customer accounts
  • Quotations, Sales orders and Sales Invoicing
  • Receipts against receivables, advances & cash sales receipts
  • Returns, adjustments and bad debts
  • Withholding Tax deductions
  • Sales tax
  • Previewing Customer ledger, Journals and aging reports
  • Setting up vendors
  • Entering purchase orders and vendor bills
  • Payments against payables
  • Payments against advances & cash exp payments
  • Returns and adjustments
  • Previewing vendor ledger and customizing templates
  • Setting up default information
  • Accounting for inventories
  • Periodical
  • Perpetual
  • Costing methods and its application
  • Setting up inventory items
  • Previewing inventory related reports
  • Testing assignment
  • Quick overview : Payroll and Job order costing in Peachtree


Starting From


Last Date of Registration







Per Participant

Duration        =         18 Hours



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