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Computerized Accounting

using QuickBooks




Course Objective

Accountants and book-keepers continue to be fundamental assets to any business or government agency today. While many routine tasks performed by accounting personnel and auditors have been replaced by automation, employers still needed educated, accomplished professionals who have mastered the software that runs accounting applications. If you’re not up to speed and want to complete, computer accounting classes may be your tickets to hiring and promotions.

While many employers may teach you some of their chosen accounting software for their own operations, most expect applicants to have a fundamental understanding of how to use accounting software, how it integrates with business book-keeping, payroll and more.

At the end of the complete training session students / participants/ trainees will have gained the confidence and skills to set up a company as well as deal with all book-keeping / accounting matters in Automated Accounting Information System Using QuickBooks.

Course pre-requisites

Prospected Students / trainees are not required to have any prior product knowledge of Peachtree accounting to attend; however students, should have a basic working knowledge of computing and accounting principles.

Course Contents

·         QuickBooks Components

·         Starting a New Company

·         QuickBooks Features

·         Home Screen

·         The Navigator

·         QuickBooks Preferences

·         Setting Up Users and Passwords

·         Chart of Accounts

·         Adding an Account

·         Adding a Subaccount

·         Editing an Account

·         Account Opening Balances

·         Adding Customers

·         Adding Customer Jobs

·         Editing a Customer or Job

·         Notepad

·         Adding/Editing Vendors

·         Adding/Editing Employees

·         Emergency Management Tax Wizard

·         Payroll Items

·         Payroll Deductions

·         Adding/Editing an Item

·         Adding Sales Tax

·         Creating Invoices

·         Creating Memorized Transactions

·         Using Memorized Transactions

·         Receiving Payment

·         Making a Bank Deposit

·         Accounts Payable

o   Entering a Bill

o   Paying Bills

o   Taking a Discount

·         Check Register

·         Writing Checks

·         General Journal Entries

·         Quick Reports

·         Setting up Budgets

·         Editing/Changing Budgets

·         Company Snapshot Feature

·         Reminders Box

·         Reports

o   Profit & Loss

o   Balance Sheet

o   Sales

o   Accounts Payable

o   Aging Receivables

o   Budget

o   Transaction

o   General Ledger

·         Report Filters

·         Memorize Custom Reports

·         Exporting Data to Excel

·         Reconciling a Bank Account

Start Date


Last Date for Registration






per participant

Training will be conducted on 3rd. 11th. and 18th. January, 2015

·         Limited Seats

Duration  =          18 Hours


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