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Construction is an activity that is synonymous with development in the society. This is something that goes on all the time. It has multiple dimensions and magnitudes, some of which get manifested trough mega projects. Many construction projects face situations in which contractors file claims in the form of Extension of Time and Additional Payments. These claims can lead to disputes and recourse to legal proceedings. 

Project will always be a major beneficiary if these claims are managed properly and professionally by all stakeholders including Clients, Contractors and Consultants. This is something that is considered a weak link in our local culture of Project Management. It is in this context that a short course on “Construction Claims & Dispute Resolution” is designed. The course covers (i) Claim indicators (ii) Sources of claims (iii) Cost and time impact of claims (iv) Delay claims (v) Types of Claims and (vi) Management of claims Details of lectures are given in the course outline section.  


This course aims to provide business managers, professionals and practitioners with an understanding of theory pertaining to construction claims and dispute resolution. Specifically, the following objectives are considered for this course:


·         To give participants a broad introduction to the subject of project management to manage operation at project sites.

·         To demonstrate that claims and their resolution have major impact on successful completion of construction project.

·         To show that professionals need to acquire deep understanding of project bidding/award, construction and extension of time to minimize claims and to prepare themselves better for their resolution. 

Course Outline:

1.      Project Management

·         What is a Project

·         Project Characteristics

·         Comparison of Routine Work with Projects

·         What is a Program?

·         Program and Projects: Similarities and Differences

·         What is Project Management

·         Technical vs. Project Management Focus

·         Project Management Trade-Offs

·         Project Management Training CDs & DVDs

·         Project Life-Cycle Models

·         Functions of Project Management

·         Softwares of Project Management

·         Project Portfolio Management

·         Organizational Influences

·         Leadership

·         Project Management Model

·         Project Management Knowledge Areas

·         Stakeholders Management

2.      Tendering and Bidding

·         Tendering

·         Open Tendering

·         Selective Tendering

·         Serial and Negotiated Tendering

·         Decision to Tender

3.      Construction Contracts

·         What is Construction Contract

·         Types of Construction Contracts

4.      Claim Management

·         Examples of Disagreement

·         Clauses in Construction Contracts to Avoid Occurrence of Disputes

5.      Methods of Dispute Resolution

·         Engineer’s Decision Clause

·         Negotiation

·         Administrative Boards

6.      FIDIC Conditions of Contract

·         Engineer’s Authority to Delegate

·         Disruption of Progress

·         Delays and Cost of Delay of Drawings

·         Not Foreseeable Physical Obstructions or Conditions

·         Revised Work Program

·         Loss or Damage Due to Employer’s Risks

·         Employer’s Risks

·         Returns of Labor and Contractor’s Equipment

·         Possession of Site and Access Thereto

·         Failure to Give Possession

·         Extension of Time for Completion

·         Contractor to Provide Notification and Detailed Particulars

·         Rate of Progress

·         Variations

·         Instructions for Variations

·         Valuation of Variation

·         Power of Engineer to Fix Rates

·         Works to be measured

·         Definition of “Nominated Subcontractors”

·         Payments to Nominated Subcontractors

·         Certification of Payments to Nominated Subcontractors

·         Monthly Statements

·         Default of Contractor

·         No Liability for Special Risks

·         Special Risks

·         Increased Costs arising from Special Risks

·         Increase or Decrease of Cost

·         Subsequent Legislation 

7.      Contractual Disputes Resolution

8.      Litigation

9.      ADR

10.  Arbitration Act

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