Construction Safety Management &

OSHA Standards


 Course Description: 

Many employees and workers continue to be killed or injured due to lack of safety management on construction sites. Also, employees and workers suffer health and long-term illness caused by their work. Many of these illnesses only manifest themselves years after exposure and many are ultimately fatal. These injuries, deaths and illnesses can and should be prevented by implementing Safety Management and OSHA Standards. Employers have traditionally borne the responsibility for occupational health and safety (OHS). Project managers and their site-level managers as well as business professional usually have a limited understanding of their obligations relating to construction safety management principles and practices - which is, to a large extent, the result of a serious gap in most business and engineering degree courses. This course aims to provide construction managers, business managers, professionals and practitioners/students with an understanding of theory pertaining to construction safety management as well as to introduce a range of tools and techniques representing best practice in the management of OHS. Details of lectures are given in the course outline section. 


This course discusses concepts, tools and techniques to make work places safer for employees and workers. Specifically, the following objectives are considered for this course: 

  • To give participants a broad introduction to the subject of construction safety management to manage operation on construction sites.

  • To acquaint the participants at considerable depth with safety management by using up-to-date literature and research on this highly interesting, challenging, and increasingly important field.

  • To motivate the participants to apply their acquired knowledge to complete their projects effectively and efficiently by following strategy of zero accidents.

  • To enable participants to be familiar with risk and hazards and with SOP of safe procedures as well as safe operation of work places.

Learning Outcomes:

By completing this course, participants are expected to be able to: 

         Implement concepts, tools and techniques at their construction sites to     eliminate or reduce the number of injuries, illnesses and death;

         Acquire a framework that SM is a strategic issue for management in all organizations, irrespective of size;

         Enhance systematic thoughts of addressing corporate OHS issues;

         Strengthen communication skills intertwined with safety management and OSHA standards presentations;

         Improve creativity in thinking about occupational health and safety management study materials to save lives. 

Materials and Supplies:

Hard copy of the PowerPoint presentations (and handouts if applicable) shall be provided to the participants. 

1.      Course Outline:









Video Clips, Direction in Safety Management, MCQs Based Assessment, Analyzing Hazards and Accidents/Incidents.



True costs of injuries, Investment in Safety.

Safety Management and Safety Culture





Introduction to OSHA Standards

OSHA Subpart A, B,C, D, E, F, J

Safety Problems and their Solutions



Ergonomics issues, Use of Asbestos and its affect

Introducing and Measuring Behavior Based Safety.





Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001)

Safety Training, Fire Protection, Scaffolding, Fall Protection, Site Safety Practices,



Zero Accidents Techniques, Designing for Safety.

Case Studies Group Work and Presentation

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Duration  =          9 Hours

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