Counselling Skills for Managers


Performance of workforce is likely to be effected by factors which are both internal and external to the workplace. Motivated staffs are know to perform far better than de-motivated staff and it is therefore vital for the managers to understand the different factors that can affect performance of their staff.

Some of these factors are illness, bereavement, personal/family problems and interpersonal conflicts at workplace. The skill of counselling is to deal with such issues effectively and improve the performance of their staff. In the above background counselling at workplace is considered as one of the most important and useful skill for managers.

This course is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of counselling at workplace and how it can be used by the managers to improve performance of their staff.

 Course objective

        To understand the basic concept of counselling and its importance at workplace.

        To understand key skills needed to counsel effectively.

        To be able to confidently carryout a counselling session.

        To effectively use counselling as a tool to improve performance of work force.

 Key Contents of Course 

        Difference between counselling and coaching.

        Importance and benefits of counselling.

        When to use counselling.

        Essential skills of an effective counsellor.

        Essential ingredients of counselling process.

        Preparing and planning a counselling session.

        Conducting a counselling session.

        Review and follow up.

        Role playing & practical exercises. 

Who Should Attend

Mangers and team leaders who wish to improve their people skills and develop counselling skill for effectively dealing with under performing staff.

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