Customer Care Excellence

3 Days Workshop

Customer is the pivotal point in the promotion of businesses, whether we are providing services or products. Since human psychology is involved in dealing with customers, we have arranged a Course for our professionals after attending which they will become better equipped with the tools to avoid dangerous pitfalls in dealing with their clients; as well as understand the essence of effective relationship & trust building and retaining, and give their organizations’ businesses a SURE boost!  

Course Outline:  

·         Onset of The Customer Service Culture Change – Moving Towards Customer Care

·         How Managers or Business Owners Should Monitor Change to the Customer Service Culture

·         To Introduce or Have a Successful Customer Service Culture…

·         How to Make Advertisement & Marketing Cost Effective

·         Customer service training courses for businesses

·         The Danger of Complacent Customer Service

·         The Essential Elements of Customer Service Skills

·         Strategies on How to Improve Customer Service Skills

·         Customer Service Questionnaire

·         Online Customer Service

·         Excellent Customer Service at First Point of Contact

·         The Advantages of Customer Loyalty Programs

·         Essential Tips for Good Customer Service

·         Problem Identification in Communication with Customers

·         8 Ways to Bring Dynamism into Your Marketing Game

·         Less Effort More Sales!

·         Ten “Demandments” !

·         Tackling Face-to-Face Sales Appointments

·         Ten Telephonic Basics in This Virtual Age

·         Icing on The Cake….Customer Care Topped with Effective Listening

·         Preventing Costly Mistakes!

·         Advancing 12 Steps to Customer Delight

·         Memorable Encounters – Every Time  

·         Your Complaining Customers Are Your GOLDEN Customers!

·         Identify Your S-E-R-V-U Quotient?

·         Keeping Your Cool When The Customer Gets Hot

·         Pre & Post Negotiating Patterns to Follow for Success  

WHO Should Attend?  

·         Top Managers, Middle Managers, all Line Managers, Executives who are coordinating with customers in any way

·         All fresh inductees into the job market who want to develop their career in sales & marketing  

Course objectives:  

·         To refresh the knowledge of the participants in relation to effective customer services and care.

·         To arise their minds to the costly mistakes they might commit, and how to avoid them.

·         To recap the procedure of taking customer calls; either telephonically or in person.

·         To instill among the participants a spirit of attracting & retaining customers.  

Workshop techniques to be used:  

·         Multimedia Presentation

·         Active Participant Discussion

·         Activities & Role-plays

·         Sharing of On-ground Experiences

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Duration  =          3 days

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