E-Filing Of Annual Income Tax Return And

Wealth Statement

For Salaried And Other Individuals




Compliance to the tax laws and filing of tax returns is mandatory for taxpayers having taxable sources of income. Through Finance Act 2015, filing of Annual Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement has been made mandatory for all individuals including salaried Individuals whose annual income exceeds Rs.400,000 or who have obtained National Tax Number. A new Tax “Income Support Levy” has also been imposed on net movable assets exceeding Rs.1million which shall be payable at the time of filing of tax return.


This training program is specifically designed for Computation of Taxable income and tax on Income, Preparation Computation of Income Support Levy.  E-filing of Annual Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement shall also be demonstrated and issues regarding e-filings of Returns and their resolution shall be discussed during the training program.


Program Outline


1.   Basic Concepts of Income Tax

2.   Heads of Income, what is taxable and what is not taxable

3.   How the tax liability is determined including concepts of final tax, minimum tax and adjustable taxes under withholding tax regime.

4.   Provisions relating to Tax Credits and Rebates

5.   How to compute taxable income and tax payable

6.   Who is required to file tax returns, wealth statement

7.   How to show wealth in wealth statement and how to prepare wealth reconciliation statement

8.   How to get Income Tax Refunds

9.   Preparation and filings of Annual Income Tax Return by salaries Individuals/Other Individuals

10.    Preparation and Filing of Wealth Statement by Individuals including computation of Income Support Levy to be paid along with Income Tax Return.


Learning Objectives: 

To equip the participants with complete knowledge of withholding taxes & Salary Taxation including Changes through Finance Act 2015 enabling them to apply the knowledge in their practical life and to facilitate the Government in revenue collection with true spirit and compliance of the taxation laws. 

Who should attend? 

  1. Business Individuals
  2. Salaried Individuals
  3. Tax Practitioner, Tax Lawyers
  4. Accountants
  5. Other personnel’s dealing with Income Tax matters
  6. Payroll Accountants
  7. Students with career in taxation


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Duration   = 1 Day




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