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Derrick Man




This program has been designed to trains students in the basic of the Oil & Natural Gas Industry and prepare them for entry-level positions students receive about three hours of class room training in areas such as rig types blowout prevention drill pipe handling casing power system instrumentation, HSE & Safety training this program provide an a opportunity for unskilled individuals to take advantage of quality hands on training to begin a successful career in the Oil and Gas Industry. This program provides the knowledge and skill to work safely and productively as part of an Oil Rig team.



Course Contents:


  Loading Unloading Material

  Lifting Equipment

  Tripping Operation

  Makeup, Backup Tongs,

  Power Tongs

  All types of equipment use on the Rig Floor

  Escape route use of SCBA

  STOP Card Training

  Working on Height

  Role of Floor man on Rig.

  Over all Drilling System.

  Major types of Rigs.

  Rig Mobilization System.

  Basic Rig Components.

  Safety on Rig.

  Mud Cleaning System.

  Mud Pumps.

  Major Drilling Activities.

  Role of Mud / Drilling fluid.

  Handling of Rig Equipment.

  MUD System

  MUD Pump


Potential Participants


  Fresh Matric / Intermediate or higher




Starting From


Last Date of Registration



(Mon - Sat)


RS: 18,000/-


* 10% discount for groups only


Duration   = 30 Hours

Apply on Line




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