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Geo-Graphics Information System

Mapping From Satellite Images (GIS)




Provides students with key Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts, methodologies and techniques commonly found in business and industry. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of GIS applications, technical concepts, terminology, methodology and problem solving techniques.


Course Objectives


This course is intended to:

1.    Provide recognition of commonly used GIS applications.

2.    Identify potential sources of GIS data.

3.    Present the methods for the creation of technical GIS documents.

4.    Introduce GIS terminology, data acquisition and methodologies utilized in establishing GIS databases.

5.    Recommend GIS-based solutions for situations commonly found in business and industry.


Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the course, the successful student should be able to:


1.    Recognize and describe key features of at least two GIS applications commonly used by business and industry.

2.    Demonstrate an understanding of GIS concepts and how they relate to GIS analysis and map production.

3.    Describe three sources of GIS data and provide examples of how this information is used in its respective industry.

4.    Demonstrate proficiency in digitizing techniques.

6.    Utilize GIS software and computer technology to produce hardcopies of GIS maps and related documentation.

5.    Utilize standard GIS terminology in presenting projects and describing GIS-related solutions.

6.    Demonstrate an understanding of GIS analysis protocol.

7.    Produce a GIS project employing appropriate GIS methodologies and analytical techniques.


Software Applications


  1. ArcMap.10
  2. Arc Catalogue
  3. Arc Reader
  4. Erdas imagine
  5. Google Earth
  6. GPS

Learning Schedule:


1.    Exploring maps. How are maps used? What are the applications of maps? What information do different maps convey? What are the visual aspects of a map? Exploring data and maps on a computer.

  1. What is GIS? How has GIS evolved over time? Introduction to GIS software. Desktop GIS applications used locally will be demonstrated in lab.
  2. Understanding the basics of ArcGIS and its components.

4.     Coordinate systems and datums.

  1. Introduction to ArcCatalog; Data Structure, Data Storage and Organization.
  2. Vector and raster data models.
  3. Data sources, data entry techniques.
  4. Creating and editing data in ArcGIS.

9.    Overlay analysis, raster analysis, spatial queries, introduction to remotely sensed data.

  1. Basic analysis techniques and tools in ArcGIS.
  2. Creating maps in ArcGIS. Map elements. Classifying data for thematic mapping. Colors and cosmetics. Labeling, support features.

12.  Student projects and presentations.


Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1730-2030 (Mon-Tue-Wed)


Rs:15,000 Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students and groups of two or more

Duration = 36 Hours

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