Graphic Designing





Graphics general refers to photographs or other visual representation. A computer graphic software package includes a verity of tools to help the user create and edit images.  This module introduces users to computer art and design through the use of a computer graphics package.


After completing this course you will be able to:

         Create graphics

         Using basic elements such as lines, curves, sectors, polygons, circles, ovals, squares and rectangles etc

         Manipulate graphics by using flip (reflection), skew (shear), rotate, group and resize, trim, weld, cutout, intersect etc

         Select color for outline and fill the objects from the palette.

         Use text as part of graphic design

          Retrieve graphics from clip art or net library

         Edited clip art and predesigned graphics 

         Use the blend feature for create 3d look or adding highlights to objects

         Creating shadows

         Understanding the visual communication  

Who should attend?

It is important as it will determine not only the style of computer graphics, but also the way in which the content or graphic is delivered according to the requirement. The users who are interested to utilize their abilities in graphics, who wants to give the creative touch to their photographs and the beginners of the graphic designing field with an exciting learning experience in computer graphics. 

The basic concepts, tools and techniques of this computer graphics package will cover:


1.           Understanding tools

2.           Understanding frame, size & pixels

3.           Masking

4.           Merging multi images

5.           Cropping

6.           Using effect

7.           Adding text

8.           Working with layers

9.           Import Urdu font and its treatment

10.        Creating a title

11.        Hue balancing

12.        Contrast & brightness

Corel Draw

13.        Understanding tools

14.        Nodes & Curves

15.        Tracking images

16.        Using text

17.        Using Inpage text

18.        Blending, contour & color

19.        Making of card & pamphlet

20.        Making of headline

21.        Adding picture in text

22.        Layers in Corel Draw

Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1700 to 2100





         Limited Seats

Duration = 48 Hours


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