PLC and Process Instrumentation


The aim of this training is to educate / train the participants on the features and capabilities of industrial controllers and control systems. In order to achieve this, they will be given an opportunity to work with the systems and openly ask questions about their functionality and application.  

This course is designed in such a manner that audience gets the full up-to-date knowledge measuring and operational capability of any process plants.  The course takes the audience step by step from the conventional measuring techniques to the modern State of the art technology PLC. 

Exercises will also be an important part of this training so that participants can apply their learning.  


  • Development of Relay Logic Circuits
  • Comparison of PLC Ladder and Relay Logic Ladder Diagrams
  • Introduction to PLC Hardware and Interfacing to field devices
  • PLC Programming Concepts
  • Development of PLC Programs for given automation tasks
  • Real world examples for programming on PLC trainers
  • Introduction to Process Instrumentation
  • Study of Pressure, Level, Flow & Temperature Gauges, switches and transmitters
  • Use of HART Communicator with Smart Transmitters
  • Study of P&ID, Hook-up and Loop Drawings

Who Should Attend?     

    B.Sc. Engineers of Electrical, Electronics and Mechatronics Disciplines

    DAE's of Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Disciplines

    Employees of Industries and Engineering Companies        


Starting From Timings Last Date of Registration Fee





Per Participant

Duration =          30 Hours

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