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Project Management Professional


PMP Prep Course Summary 

     The course is based on best practices, and latest techniques, developed in field of Project Management.  

     It introduces the trainees to the modern Project Management methodology that can enhance the project success probability, using minimum financial, human, and material resources.

     Methodical preparation for PMP Certification Exam, based on latest PMBOK 5th Edition. Complete and thorough study of PMBOK, 5th edition, with practical examples. 

     Experiences of trainees from diverse fields will be shared by trainees for implementation in their respective organizations. Theoretical and practical examples and group discussions. 

     Free guidance for PMP exam preparation, even after the completion of the PMP Prep Course. 

         Free training material. 

     Issuance of 35 contact hours, the eligibility criteria by PMI (USA) for PMP (USA) examination. 

PMP Prep Course Outline

Characteristics Project Management. Need for project management. What is PMO and how it can help the organizations? What is role of a project manager?  

Project Life Cycle. Project phases and project governance across the Project Life Cycle.  

Organizational Influence.  The module discusses how an organization evolves over a period of time by improving the Organizational Process Assets. 

Project Management Processes. There are 42 processes recommended by PMI (USA) that may lead to project success. The module discusses these important processes.  

Project Integration Management.  Processes and actions required identifying, and coordinating processes and projecting management activities within the Project Management Process Groups. 

Project Scope Management.  Identify the work that is necessary for the project completion. The module includes Collection of Requirements, and encompasses scope control. 

Project Time Management This section discusses the methodology for the timely completion of projects. Adherence to project schedule is of utmost significance to project success. 

Project Cost Management.  It is an important discipline of Project Management and the core of the project success. Cost estimation and preparation of project budget are discussed. Earned Value Management is an essential component of evaluation and monitoring of project costs and schedule.

Project Quality Management. Execution of quality management system by suitable quality policy and procedures, with continuous process improvement activities throughout project life cycle.

 Project Human Resource Management. It includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. The project team consists of the people from diverse background with varied culture, and their management needs specialized knowledge and skills.  

Project Communications Management. Processes required ensuring timely and suitable generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and disposition of project information. Proper and timely communication with stakeholders has a great influence on the project success. 

Project Risk Management.  Processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response preparation, monitoring and control on a project. Increase probability and impact of positive events, and decreasing the probability and impact of negative events in the project.  

Project Procurement Management.  Processes essential to purchase or acquire products required from outside the project team. Different types of contracts, procurement documents, and how to manage contracts.  

Professional Responsibility. Every profession needs a code of conduct and this module specifically discusses project management effort to attain highest degree of professional integrity.  

Exam Preparations. To attempt an exam is a specialized art. Unless an examinee is familiar with these techniques, it may be difficult to successfully attempt the 200 questions of PMP examination.    

Benefits of PMP (USA) Certification 

Enhanced Capability Project Management: PMP (USA) certification will enhance the project management capabilities of project managers. They will be better equipped to complete projects in accordance with schedule, budget, and quality desired. Project management skills will increase revenue of companies. The PMP skills enable a project manager to track schedule, resources, and budgets according to plan. The problems can be identified early with possible viable solutions. The staff can be effectively managed to maximise output. The best practices being used globally are available for application.

Recognizes Expertise in Project Management: PMP certification is the project management credential of choice for numerous industries. By attaining the PMP credential, your name will be included in the largest and most prestigious group of certified professionals in the project management community. PMP designation tells employers that you have a solid project management knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace. 

Better Salary: Based on a survey carried out by PMI, PMP certified project managers get an average starting salary of $ 90,000. Moreover the salaries of PMP certified Project Managers is about 20% more than similarly qualified Project Managers who do not have the PMP credentials.

Better Job Opportunities: In spite of the bad job markets in the recent past, requirement for qualified Project Managers has been increasing. Based on surveys, there are 20% more jobs than PMP certified professionals available. This has created an extremely good job market for Project Managers who have the PMP credentials.

 Recognized by Leading Companies: PMP certification recognized by leading organizations, Microsoft, IBM, American Express). They endorse and encourage PMP certification.  

Competition: PMP certification make you stand out. If you are certified and competing against a project manager without certification, chances are you will be the preferred option.

Ethics and Professional Conduct: Employers know they can expect a high level of ethical behaviour and professionalism from those who have earned their PMP.

 Online Job: PMI has created an online career headquarters allowing PMPs to search for jobs, post their resumes and receive career advice.  

PMI Credentials Build Self Confidence. With a PMI credential, you define yourself beyond a job title while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction. 

Who May Attend PMP Exam Prep Course 

The PMP Exam Prep course is suitable for  :


         Senior Executives

         Project Managers


         Planning Engineers


         Business Executives

         Operations Managers

         Construction Managers

         IT Managers


         Fresh Graduates

The course is best for Telecom, Oil & Gas, construction, manufacturing, power, IT and other industries interested in learning ways for increasing and improving their productivity. 

The course is also suitable for individuals interested in obtaining the PMP Certification. 

Starting From


Last Date of Registration




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Per Participant

Duration  =          35 Hours



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