After completion of the course, the participants will be able to  

       Enter accounting data using Computer in Peachtree.

       Prepare their accounting records using Peach Tree

       To generate accounting reports as and when required using different formats.

  Potential participants

           Persons working in Accounts / Book keeping jobs

                  Students of B. Com, M. com and other accounts related classes


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  Course Contents

v      Day - 1 

             Company Setup in the Software

                 Company Information

                 Defining Chart of Accounts

                 Account Type Listing

                 Accounting Period

                 Posting Methods

                 Other Default Information


v  Day 2 & 3 

       General Ledger

                Concept of GL

                Date & Voucher Reference

                Debit & Credit Transaction

                Concept of out of balance amount

                Reverse transactions

                Recurring Transactions

       v      Day 3 & 4 

       Accounts Receivable

                 Customers set up (Database of Customers)

                 Defining Sale Terms

                 Cash Receipts from Customers


                 Sales Journal (Recording Sale)

                 Receipt Journal (Recording Receipts)

                 Customers Ledgers

                 Aging of Accounts Receivable

v       Day 5 & 6

           Accounts Payable

                Vendors set up

                Defining Payment Terms

                Purchase Orders

                Invoices Recording

                Payments Recording

                Purchase & Payment Journal

                Vendors/Contractors Ledgers

                Accounts Payable Aging

                Purchase Reports 

v      Day - 7


                   Define Employees (Personal details, contact etc.)

                  Define Basic Pay

                  Allowances and Deductions etc.

                  Payroll Entry

                  Employees Fund Contribution/ Payment Entry

                  Employees List

                  Payroll Register

                  Payroll Reports

v      Day - 8


                Coding of Inventory Items

                Inventory Valuation Method

                Defining Sites/Locations

                Linking Purchase, Production and Sales with inventory

                Define Prices of items

                Inventory Valuation Reports

                Items Price Lists & Price Levels

 Day 9 & 10

       Financial Reports

                  Trial Balance

                 Income Statement

                 Balance Sheet

                 Cash Flows Statement

                 Comparative Income Statement

                 %age Income Statement


Practical Case Studies on Peachtree will also be demonstrated and above hours also include practical session with each module.


Starting From Timings Last Date of Registration Fee

14:00 to 1800


Rs: 8,000

Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students and groups of two or more

Duration = 40 Hours


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