High Impact Presentation Skills

 [Prepare and Deliver A Well-Organized Presentation] 



Making high impact presentations or speeches to an audience requires skill, professionalism and confidence. Successful speakers can deliver a persuasive and convincing high impact presentation with style and impact and as a result achieve their desired response.

This highly participative High Impact Presentation Skills training course concentrates on the three 'Ps' of presenting - preparation, practice and performance. Delegates will leave the course thoroughly versed in the essential elements of every successful presentation and will gain significant practice within a safe environment, guided and encouraged by an experienced coach.


·        Make polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximize effectiveness. 

·        Put humor, timing and spontaneity to more effective use. 

·        Deal confidently and competently with awkward situations and difficult questions. 

·        Overcome nervousness, negative feelings and anxiety. 

·        Understand your audience. 

·        Make more effective use of visual aids and multimedia technology. 

·        Plan and prepare presentations systematically to ensure clarity and impact.

  Potential participants 

Individuals who are experienced in delivering presentations. This course is a practically based workshop designed to teach delegates how to project a more professional image by adding polish, interest and panache to their presentation with the intention of inspiring and creating positive image.


  Course Contents

Ø      Assessing your skills

·        Evaluate your self

·        Dealing with anxiety

·        Tips for reducing anxiety

·        Review with checklist

Ø      Planning your presentation

·        Personal appearance

·        Eight steps to prepare your presentation

·        Review checklist

Ø      Slides and other visual aids

·        Developing visual aids

·        Ten tips for planning successful slides and visual aids

·        Contents guidelines

·        Types of charts and graphs

·        Using colors

·        Developing titles

·        Visualizing ideas  

·        Revelation and “Build” slides

·        Directing your audiences focus


Ø      New Technology for presentation

·        Computer technology

·        Using presentation software

·        5 tips for creating better slides with presentation software 

Ø      Preparing your presentation

·        Controlling the presentation environment

·        When you can’t practice-Successful impromptu speaking

Ø      Delivering your presentation with energy and Composure

·        Engaging your audience

·        Putting energy to work

·        Maintaining composure

·        Questions and Answers Techniques

·        Dealing with hostile questions

·        Final Review Checklist




Instead of being passive recipients of knowledge, participants actively ‘co-create’ the learning experience through active engagement and participation. Learning is facilitated through interactive presentation, group discussions, case studies, self-assessments; individual and team based activities and role plays. All of this yields greater understanding, retention and on- job implementation.



Starting From


Last Date of Registration



0930 to 1730


Rs: 6,000

Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students and groups of two or more

Duration  =          08 Hours


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