Production Planning &

Inventory Control

(One day Workshop)



 The training is focused on the knowledge, techniques and the tools required for effective management of supply chain processes in production planning and inventory control setting. Upon successful completion the candidates will be appropriately certified by SDC.

Learning Objectives

a.       To develop an understanding of key drivers of production planning and inventory control and their inter-relationships with strategy and other functions .

b.      To impart analytical and problem solving skills necessary to develop solutions for a variety of production planning and inventory control design problems.

c.       To understand the complexity of inter-firm and intra-firm coordination in implementing programs such as e-collaboration, quick response, jointly managed inventories and strategic alliances.

d.      To develop the ability to design production planning and inventory control systems and formulate integrated supply chain strategy.

e.      To understand which information should be exchanged in production planning and inventory control how it should be used to benefit the entire supply chain.

f.        To identify improvement opportunities that exist within supply chains in production industries and to quantify the improvements that various strategies offer. 

Potential Participants / Organizations           

         Demand planners,


         Production managers and inventory managers.

         Individuals and professionals, who are working or have desires to work in supply chain management.                

Resource Personals    PhDs and experienced professionals in Supply Chain Management.

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Duration  =          01 Day

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