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Rig Electrician




The program trains students in the basic of the Oil & Natural Gas Industry and prepare them for entry-level positions The participants will receive training in areas such as rig types, blowout prevention, drill pipe handling, casing, power system, instrumentation, HSE & Safety training this program provide an opportunity for unskilled individuals to take advantage of training to begin a successful career in the Oil and Gas Industry. This program provides the knowledge and skill to work safely and productively as part of an Oil Rig team.



Course Contents:


v  Electrical Power Principles


  Basic of Oil & Gas Industry Electrical system

  AC Power Control System

  DC Power Control System

  Conversion of AC to DC & Vice versa

  Power Control System

  Silicon Control Room Activities.


v  Synchronization Systems


  S.C.R Systems

  Electrical Panels

  Motor Control System

  Safety in Electrical Systems

  Lock-Out / Tag-Out Systems

  Emergency Power Supply System

  work Permits

  Hot Permits & Cold Permits.


v  Rig Electrical Systems


  Electrical Diagrams Used on Rigs

  Electrical Shut-Down and Solutions

  Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

  Motor Alignments & Rotations

  Air-Conditioning System

  Air Compressors

  Different activities of Rig Electrician during Rig


Potential Participants


  Fresh Matric / Intermediate or higher




Starting From


Last Date of Registration



(Mon -Sat)


RS: 15,000/-


* 10% discount for groups only


Duration   = 60 Hours

Apply on Line



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