Self and Time Management



 Course Overview

Time is considered as the most valuable resource available to managers and all other persons at work place. Most people complaint that enough time is not available in a day to compete their essential tasks, yet very often they end up devoting major part of the available time to low priority work. It is therefore essential to understand the importance of time management and how to use this valuable resource more productively at the workplace.

This course is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of self & time management and how it can be used to achieve more in job and career. 

Learning Objectives

·       To understand basic concept of self & time management.

·       To identify work related & personal time wasters and generate ways to overcome them.

·       To enable participants to identify and focus on work priorities.

·       To learn basic concept of delegation and its use as an effective tool for self & time management.

·       To assist participants to plan & organise their work day more effectively.

·       To learn how effective time management can be used to achieve more in job, career and life. 

Key Contents

·       Conceptual understanding of self & time management.

·       Identify your time wasters.

·       Planning & prioritising.

·       Coping with deadlines

·       Conceptual understanding of delegation

·       Time management through delegation

·       Planning your work day.

·       Conducting effective meetings.

·       Organizing your self at work & life

·       Time management–Self review & Improvement plan

·       Various exercises.

 Who Should Attend

Managers, executives, officers and all those persons who intend to use time management as an effective tool to achieve more in their job, career and life.

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