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Solid Works

3D CAD Designing


Overview / Introduction


SolidWorks is a 3D CAD (computer aided design) program. It has a vast use in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Plastic Mold Industry. SolidWorks delivers powerful design functionality with the SolidWorks user interface to speed design process and make it instantly productive. It is a user friendly program which can be interfaced with PCB designing software to get the final shape of the complete product with the PCB fitted in it.

Different simulations such as stress analysis of mechanical designs, fluid flow simulation, PCB thermal analysis etc. can be done by selecting the required material for the product and analyzing it.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to work independently and launch his/her career as a CAD designer.


Course Contents


1.    Creating a Part


                i.    Working on different planes ( x, y, z planes)

               ii.    Using sketching tools (line, spline, arc, straight slot etc.)

              iii.    Making detailed smart dimensions

             iv.    Using features (Extruded Boss, Revolved Boss, Lofted Boss,

              v.    Extruded Cut, Swept Cut etc.)

             vi.    Using additional features (Fillet, Chamfer, Linear pattern, Shell etc.)

            vii.    Using Reference Geometry and curves

           viii.    Changing appearances, material selection


2.    Creating Assembly


                i.      Inserting different parts in assembly

               ii.      Different types of mating (concentric, parallel, tangent, coincident, distance etc.)

              iii.      Exploded View

             iv.      Inserting lighting, camera ,making video of the assembly

              v.      Simulation of the assembly

             vi.      Measuring weight of the desired product assembly


3.    Drawing


                i.      Selection of sheet for drawing and scaling

               ii.      Inserting part in different orientations

              iii.      Dimensioning part for manufacturing

             iv.      Importing and converting in different formats for different programs.

              v.      Techniques to make efficient designs and using shortcuts

             vi.      Making screw threads and other complex features on bodies


Starting From


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Per Participant

* 10% Discount for  Students and group of two or more

Duration = 36 Hours


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