Statistical Analysis

using SPSS



This is an application oriented course and the approach is practical. The participants will take a look at several statistical data analysis techniques and discuss situations in which they would use each technique, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS as well as how to interpret the results.


Enhance understanding about the basic terminologies and concepts used in research - Orient and update participants about the working knowledge of research techniques - Develop skills of participants in designing data collection tools - Develop basic concepts on statistics and MS-Excel linking with research studies - Train in using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for data management.


Course Contents:

  Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis.

  Data Checking

  Describing categorical data.

  Exploratory data analysis-scale data

  Probability and inferential statistics

  Comparing categorical variables

  Mean differences between groups

  Introduction to regression.

  Mean differences between groups

  One-factor ANOVA.

  Introduction to Multiple Regressions.

Potential Participants:

All Postgraduate students involved in research reports / thesis writing. NGOs, Government and Private Institutes conducting research projects and surveys. 


Basic knowledge of research techniques, data collection and experience with computer applications including familiarity with opening, defining and saving files using Microsoft Office Package.


Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1700 - 2100




Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students

Duration = 48 Hours


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