Training has become a significant feature of corporate growth and development. An increasing number of institutions are identifying range of areas where training is required; and the leading among them has been training of teachers. 

  The purpose of school

  Academic needs, Psychological needs & Physical needs

  Discussion questions

  Co-curricular activities (Group 1,2&3, activity)


   Student at risk

  Demographic changes

  Overcoming the odds: 

     (a)    Physical & mentally disabled, multi culture, violence in the society / schools, substances abuse, bullying

     (b)    A tug of war over violence

   Point / Counterpoint

   Teachers workday : Managing time, class &work

      Teacher Educational Platform Exhibition

  Stressing and teaching

   How to overcome stress

   Certificates Award Ceremony 

Learning objectives:

            1.         To find the newest, most innovative, futuristic, advent-grade for teaching.


2.         To enhance the abilities of educators who model behavior that will guide children to become productive adults.


3.         It is incumbent upon all teachers to insist, by professional behaviors, that they are, infact, the most important professionals in the world.  They are responsible for shaping the thought processes of those who enter those other professions.


4.         To encourage teachers to utilize higher order thinking skills.


5.         To facilitate cooperative learning and teamwork.


6.         To produce professional teachers, who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding, combined with practical skills.


7.         Further desirable objective of this teacher training is the development of teachers who are` reflective practitioners` and are able to engage with educational research.


Who Should Attend?

   Pre-service Teachers

  In-service Teachers


  Administrators / Principals

  Prospective Teachers

  Anyone who wish to start career as teacher


Starting From Timings Last Date of Registration Fee




Rs: 10, 000

Per Participant

* 10% Discount for  group of two or more

Duration =         24 Hours



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