Water Supply Design using Water CAD

Water CAD is the complete water distribution analysis and design tool. Analyze water quality, determine fire flow requirements, calibrate large distribution networks, and more with Water CAD's powerful hydraulic analysis tools. 

Water CAD is a software package developed for the solution of pressurized pipe flow problems (that is, the computation of the flow in each pipe) and can be used to design pressurized piping systems. It is quite versatile and can be used for simple or compound systems, including branching pipe systems and pipe networks. The program includes the capability to represent the system graphically and to adjust the characteristics of any of the components (pipes, junctions, reservoirs, valves, etc.) in the design process. 


·        Installing Water CAD

·        Water CAD Theory

·        Haestad Methods

·        Water CAD Main Window

Stand-Alone and AutoCAD, Water CAD Main Window, Drawing Pane, Layer Controls, PROJECT LAYERS, BACKGROUND LAYERS, DXF Properties Dialog Box, Shape file Properties Dialog Box, Status Bar, Menus, Toolbars, and Shortcut Keys, MENUS, TOOLBARS , SHORTCUT KEYS, QUICK ATTRIBUTE SELECTOR, COMMAND LINE  

·        Starting a Water CAD Project

·        Layout and Editing Tools

·        Hydraulic Element Editors

·        Flex Tables

·        Scenarios/Alternatives

·        Modeling Capabilities

·        Water CAD Menus  

File Menu, Edit Menu, STAND-ALONE MODE, AUTOCAD MODE, Analysis Menu, View Menu, Draw Menu, Tools Menu, EXTERNAL TOOL MANAGER, EXTERNAL TOOL EDITOR, Report Menu, Help Menu, USING THE ONLINE HELP 

·        Building a Network and Performing a Steady-State Analysis  

Creating a New Project File, Laying Out the Network, Entering Data, Entering Data through Dialog Boxes, Entering Data through Flex Tables, Performing a Steady-State Analysis  

·        Extended Period Simulation  

Creating Demand Patterns, Running an Extended Period Simulation, 

·        Scenario Management 

Creating a New Alternative, Editing and Creating Scenario, Calculate and Compare, Physical Alternative   

·        Reporting Results  

Reports, Tabular Reports (Flex Tables), Create a Plan and Profile, Contouring, Element Annotation, Color Coding   

·        Automated Fire Flow Analysis  

Inputting Fire Flow Data, Calculating a Fire Flow Analysis, Viewing Fire Flow Results  

·        Water Quality Analysis 

Computing Water Age, Analyzing Constituent Concentrations, Performing a Trace Analysis, 

·        Working with Data from External Sources   

Importing Shape file Data, Importing Data from a Database, Converting CAD Drawing Entities, 

·        Using Darwin Designer  

Creating the Darwin Designer Optimization, Viewing Results, Using Results  

·        Darwin Designer Overview

Set Up for Darwin Designer, Create the Optimized Design Run, Calculate and Verify the Optimal Solution

·        Engineering Libraries

·        Shape file and Database Connections

·        Exchanging Data with CAD Software

·        Additional Features for AutoCAD

·        Water Safe 

Who Should Attend? 

  • Civil Engineers
  • Water Supply Engineers
  • Government Departments, NGO’s working in Water Supply Design


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Rs: 12,000/-

Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students and groups of two or more

Duration        =          24 Hours


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