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Women’s Empowerment Training Programme

Fight for Women’s Rights at Work Place



The Women's Empowerment Training Program and Personal Development skills are one of our most successful endeavors. This program is designed to train women to achieve profound transformative change at the individual, organizational and community levels to be professional and efficient. Helping them to enable executives and managers to work effectively, this program will create effective and flexible yet organized, structured caliber and possess a composed manner to be able to work under pressure managing and prioritizing workloads.

Course Outline 

  • How to Develop Leadership Skills in Women
  • How to Analyze Leadership Roles that Apply to Women

o   How to Train Women in Leadership

o   How to Train Women in Leadership

o   Different Leadership Skills Offered by Women

o   Leadership Development Programs

o   Leadership Projects for Women & Girls

o   Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety in Women

o   Women & Anxiety Disorder

o   Differences in Manic Depression in Men & Women

Psychoanalytic Treatment of Anxiety



Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1400 to 1700



Rs: 10,000

Per Participant

* 10% Discount for students and groups of two or more

Duration  =          18 Hours


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