X-Y Co-Ordinate System, Inputting Points, The AutoCAD Screen, Basic AutoCAD Terminology

          Intro To Drawing / Modifying Commands

          Modifying Commands

          Accurate Input

          Selection Sets

          Layers / Dimensioning / Text

          Direct Distance Entry And Object Tracking

          Changing The Properties Of Objects

          Moving Around Your Drawing - Zoom And Pan

          Formatting Text

          Plotting From "Paper Space" - View ports And Scaling - Layout Tabs

          Blocks - Creating And Inserting

          Attributes - Non-Graphical Information

          Poly lines

          Hatching - Filling Areas

          Isometric Drawing

          Working In 3 Dimensions

          Viewing 3-D Objects

          Basic Wire frame Models

          Regions And 3-D Faces

          Extruding & Lofting

          Revolved Objects

          Adding Materials

          Primitive Solids

          Boolean Operations

          Changing From The WCS To The UCS

          Mapping Materials

          Rendering And Lighting

          Site Layout Exercise

          North Point Exercise

          Use Images

          Master plan Exercise

          3D Tree Exercise

          Paper Space Exercise






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