Programmable Logic Controls

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1.    Introduction to PLC

        Programmable controllers- definition

        2.    General Structure of a PLC

         Block diagram of PLC

v    Input unit

v    Control processing unit

v    Output unit

v    Extension of inputs/outputs

         3.     Program Memory

        Types of memory

   4.     Programming Languages

        Structure of a control instruction

        Definition of bit, byte and word

  5.         Programming of Logical Basic Functions

                               Basic Functions (different kinds of representation                         of logical interrelations)

                               Set and Reset Function

        Use of Markers

        6.       Simple Networks and Their Programming

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   7.        Arithmetic Function        

        Binary Number System

        Programming of Arithmetic System.

    8.        Programming Examples

        Self Holding Contactor Circuit

        Reversing Contactor Circuit

          9.       Program Test with Simulators

        Program Test with ASIM

  10.        Real Process

        Self Holding Contactor Circuit

        Reversing Contact Or Circuit


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