Project Planning & Control

PM Knowledge Areas & PM Process)

Getting started with PM software through hands-on, basic training. Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling while learning P3. This Four-days course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion using the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resources, and costs.

Audience: New Primavera Project Planner, MS Project users
This course targets company senior management, department / functional heads, project managers and project team members in the successful planning, management, students and control of projects.


All sections of the course are based on theoretical and practical knowledge with many examples of the application of project management in completing successful projects.  The course is interactive with lectures using presentations, question and answer sessions, individual and group exercises, and a concluding test of the principles to reinforce the transfer of project management knowledge to the participants.

The subjects for lectures / discussion will be on:


           Fundamentals of Project Management Establishing the Project & Coding

     Scope Management 

     Time Management 

     Cost Management 

     Earned Value 

     Managing Resources 

     Developing the Schedule  

     PM Process 

     Software Introduction

Primavera Project Planner 

     Planning and Scheduling with Primavera Project Planner 

     Project Management Phases 

     Establishing the Project and Coding Structures 

     Activity Codes 

     Defining Calendars 

     Adding and Organizing Activities 

     Defining Activity Relationships 

     Calculating the Scheduling 

     Applying Constraints to a Schedule 

     Customizing the Layout 

     Managing Resources  

     Calculating Costs 

     Earned Value 

     Creating the Target Plan 

     Updating the Current Schedule 

     Producing Effective Output 

     Tabular and Graphical reports 

     Steps for Using PRIMAVERA


About scheduling 

      How Microsoft Office Project schedules a project 

      How the project start date affects the schedule 

      The default settings for calculating the schedule 

      How constraints affect the schedule 

      How deadline dates affect the schedule 

      How calendars affect the schedule 

      How resource assignments drive the schedule 

      About constraints 

      Flexible constraints 

      Inflexible constraints 

      Setting of constraints 

      Setting of constraints 

      About WBS codes 

      Types of WBS codes 

      Creating a custom WBS code 

                         A working knowledge of Windows 



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