SOPs for other than Technical & vocational Institutes

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  1. The Institutes must inform SDC, Islamabad before advertising the course clearly indicating the date of starting the training and weekly schedule of training. SDC shall conduct the examinations of only those batches / courses for which permission would have been accorded.
  1. SDC shall arrange / conduct the examination of all courses in which Skill / Knowledge of the student / trainees is to be tested.
  1. The Institution should submit the following to SDC within 15 days (For less than six months duration course) and one month (For more than six months duration course) of the start of the training:
    1. List of students.
    2. Filled in Admission Forms of all the students with attested copies of their certificates and four Photographs of each student. Facilitation Charges 10 % of the total package received from each student for whole of the training period. Minimum Facilitation charges would be Rs: 500.
  1. The following should be provided to SDC at least 10 days (For less than six months duration course) and one month (For more than six months duration course) before the tentative date of conducting the examination:
    1. Attendance and Progress report of each student.
    2. Examination Fee as detailed below:


                                                               i.      Up to three months duration course=  Rs:    1000 per Student


    1. Three sample papers along with Keys of each subject containing 100 Objective type questions having four alternate choices each. .

    5.    Students with less than 80% attendance shall not be allowed to appear in the



   6.   The Institutes can not change their campus with out approval from SDC of the

         new site which shall be inspected by the experts and shall be approved only on

         their satisfactory report.

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    7.   The following other charges shall be payable by the Institute: 

  1. Visiting Fee @ Rs: 3000 per Member of the Committee for inspection of the campus.
  2. The Institute shall pay Travel, Boarding, Lodging and Daily (Rs: 1000 / day / person) Allowance to each invigilator who comes for examination purposes.

     8.   The following other charges shall be payable by Institutions to SDC:

a.       Partnership Agreement Charges  =          Rs: 25,000 for two years

b.      Partnership Renewal fee             =          Rs: 20,000 for two years

c.       Certificate Re-Issuance Fee    =          Rs: 1000 each

d.      Result Re-Issuance Fee         =          Rs: 500

e.       Certificate Attestation Fee       =          Rs: 500 each



"All payments to SDC Islamabad must be made through Crossed Cheque / Bank Draft in the name of Skill Development Council, Islamabad, and proper receipt taken for the same. No cash payment be made to any office bearer of Skill Development Council, Islamabad. SDC Islamabad shall not be responsible for any payments deemed to be made to it by any other means."

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