3D PCB Designing using Altium Software

Taking your PCB Designs to 3D  

As devices minimize in size and maximize in function, the design of their printed circuit boards (PCBs) has become more and more difficult. PCBs are no longer a simple interconnect medium, but are a fundamental part of the design. For organizations designing electronic devices, the ability to consider key aspects of design and manufacturing early in the design phase, leads to faster product development cycles, decreases time to market and gives key competitive advantages. 

Designing PCBs with Altium allows the construction of 3D, populated PCB model. This allows for detailed insight in manufacturability issues related to the assembly of the PCB and its packaging into the final product. Course is taught by practicing Altium design experts in the field.

Who should attend?
  • Must be a skilled PCB Designer
  • Having a knowledge of any other PCB design tool
  • Professional PCB Designers
Getting Started With Altium Designer
  • Introduction to Altium Designer
  • The Altium Designer environment
  • Document Editor Overview
  • Working with projects and document
Schematic Editor Basics
  • Schematic Editor Basics
  • Schematic graphical objects
  • Schematic electrical objects
Schematic Capture
  • Introduction to Schematic Capture
  • The Schematic Editor workspace
  • Libraries and components
  • Placing and wiring
Multi-Sheet Design
  • Multi-Sheet Design
Building the Project
  • Assigning designators
  • Compiling and verifying the project
Setting Up for Transfer to PCB and Importing Data
  • Setting Up for Transfer to PCB
PCB Editor Basics
  • PCB Editor Basics
  • PCB design objects
Setting up the PCB
  • Setting up the PCB
  • Creating a new PCB
  • Setting up the PCB layers
Global Editing
  • Editing Multiple Text Objects
  • The Data Editing System
PCB Design Flow, Transferring a Design and Navigation
  • PCB design process
  • Transferring design information to the PCB
  • Using the PCB Panel
  • Project Navigation and Cross Probing
Design Rules
  • Design rules and design rule checking
Classes and Rooms
  • Object classes
  • Rooms
Placement and Re-annotation
  • Component Placement tools
  • Re-Annotation and back annotate
Schematic Library Editor
  • Introduction to Library Editing
  • Schematic Library Editor
PCB Library Editor
  • PCB Library Editor
  • 3D dimensional component detail
Linking Models, Parameters, Library Package and Updates
  • Adding Model and Parameter Detail to a Component
  • 3D PCB Components
  • Library Package types
Routing and Polygons
  • Routing
  • Test point System
  • Adding and removing teardrops
  • Automatic routing
  • Polygons and the Polygon Manager
Output Generation and CAM File Editing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Output Generation
  • CAM Editor 
  • Penalization
  • Stencil Making
  • Viva
  • MCQ’s


Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1700 – 2100




Per Participant

Duration  =          36 Hours