Quantity Surveyor



Rapid development in construction industries has been experienced in recent years due to enhanced activities of industrial, commercial and estates enterprises. The use of advanced construction techniques, materials and equipment along-with conventional means demanding changes. This new curriculum of quantity surveyor trade is developed to fulfill employment requirement of construction / consultant firms/ industries. The application of relevant software has also been introduced so that the pass out of this course will have command on the latest application tools. It is secondary level course upon completion of this six months course, the pass outs will be able to perform duties as assistants of quantity surveyor. For becoming a full quantity surveyor they have to go through an advance level course of studies.



Course Contents




On successful completion of this course, the trainee will be able to: –


  1. Describe the general principles of estimating quantities and cost of civil works.
  2. Describe the method of taking of quantities of item of works from given drawings.
  3. Describe the types of estimates and relevant terms.
  4. Describe the components of building as well as Engineering structures and sequence of their construction.
  5. State the rules / methods for measuring items of works of buildings and civil works.
  6. Describe the standard specifications of each item of works.
  7. Prepare material statement and analysis of rates for major item of works.
  8. Explain the method to determine quantity of earthwork for road construction.
  9. Describe the methods of execution of works.
  10. Explain the method of works record & payment procedure.
  11. Describe the method of property evaluation and rent calculation.
  12. Describe the uses of spreadsheet software in quantity surveying.






On successful completion of this course, the trainee will be able to: –

  1. Work out qualities of various items of works from working drawings.
  2. Prepare material statement and analysis of rates for different item of works.
  3. Prepare detailed estimates for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  4. Prepare detailed estimates of water supply and sewerage works.
  5. Prepare detailed estimates of  roads and road structures (Culvert and Bridges Budges)
  6. Prepare the annual repair and special repair estimates of buildings.
  7. Prepare contract documents.
  8. Assess and recommend payment to contractor during construction.
  9. Use computer software in estimating quantities and cost of project.
  10. Perform property valuation & rent assessment.





    Sr. No.

Main Topics



Fundamentals of Civil Technology

30 Hrs.



Drawings Reading

8 Hrs.

(4 Days)



12 Hrs.




26 Hrs.

(13 Days)


Computer Applications

4 Days


Functional English

3 Days


Work Ethics (Lab. Theory)

4 Days


Who should attend?


  1. Matric or Higher


Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1100 – 1400

(Mon – Fri)


RS: 5,500/-


* 10% discount for groups only


Duration   = 02 Months