Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology provides an alternative renewable energy solution for growing demand of the world. PV industry is registering a very high growing rate, more than 30%, since last 10 to 15 years. This three-day intensive course is on the design and installation stand-alone / off-grid solar electric systems. The purpose of this course is to give a clear understanding of Solar (PV) technologies and Solar PV systems to audience who would like to learn about this growing field. The course will try to provide clarity and range of technologies, their fundamentals limitations as well as advantages, their cost effectiveness, material aspects of technologies, solar PV system, their design and limitation etc.


It will be conducted by a team of renewable energy professionals. After completing this course participants will be able to install, manage and trouble shoot the solar photovoltaic system. During the course a visit of PV production unit and testing facility will be included. 



Course content:


  • Introduction to solar energy
  • What is solar cell? How it works
  • The solar resource
  • System configuration
  • Solar system design
  • Solar system sizing
  • Practical session
  • System testing and commissioning
  • Case study  

Who should attend? 

  • Entrepreneurs    
  • Energy Managers
  • Mid-level technicians
  • Under graduate/graduates

Starting From


Last Date of Registration



1100 – 1700

(Sat – Sun)



Per Participant

Duration           =          12 Hours