SDC office is also an office of the WEBCOP for the Chapter of Islamabad and Rawalpindi division.

WEBCOP has been founded to promote bilateral cooperation, trust and confidence between workers and employers, to face the challenges of the New World Order and Globalization with a view to accelerate industrial development and socio-economic growth of Pakistan.

WEBCOP is committed to improving quality of life of the working class by establishing linkage between the pace of economic development and quantum of social benefit.

Mr. Imtiaz Ali RastgarEmployer, Chairman
Mr. Aslam BhuttaEmployer, Deputy Chairman
Mr. Zahoor AwanTrade Union, Vice Chairman
Mr. Zaffar UllahTrade Union, Deputy Chairman

Main Objective of WEBCOP

1.Fostering sound industrial relations at the by creating an environment of trust, harmony and understanding between the workers and the employers for industrial growth in the country.
2.Developing at the enterprise level effective participative culture through bilateral consultation and dialogue on matters relating to industrial relations, productivity, safety, health, environment, investment, employment and socio economic benefits.
3.Augmenting Technical Vocational Training and Educational facilities with a view to upgrade skills and knowledge of already employed and provide need based training to youth for making them employable and promoting self employment.
4.Prompting productivity and quality improvement efforts at the enterprise / industry level in order to increase competitiveness and m meet the challenges of globalization, WTO regulations and new world order of work.
5.Providing a bi-partite institutional framework for voluntary mediation, conciliation and arbitration of industrial disputes, in a practical and conducive environment without polarizing and politicizing the issue.
6.Activating and extending full support to all tripartite bodies for accomplishing their task efficiently and in the best national interest providing assistance in matters relating to industrial relations and labor laws.

We at WEBCOP are committed to work jointly in the national interest to play our role for promoting social dialogue at the enterprise and national level to create and environment of trust, harmony and progress by accelerating the pace of industrialization in order to foster Pease, Productivity and Prosperity in country.